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Magicians - Wonders of the Earth.

Planning an event, then this text is for you.

Magic & Mystery - Entertainment for Events

We happened to get the brilliant idéa to book a magician for our event. We found a illusionist that we liked after we googled the phrase hire magician london and we were not disappointed. We were in for a treat. This guy turned out to be amazing.

After dinner magic

After the show the magician stayed for a while and performed some close-up magic, he made a credit card pass through a solid mobile phone that turned into a solid piece of metal. Just incredible, and he performed it so close to my eyes. Hard o believe that someone can fool you so badly. He actually asked us what made us hire a magician in the first place? I said it was mostly because of me haha.

By the way, I think that the lady that he made levitate was shocked for days, lol. This was just the beginning of the evening, everybody was hyped and had an awesome time. Either way, the party continued and we danced all night long, one guy dressed as Hagrid from the Harry Potter books, he looked hilarious, we could not stop laughing. 

The evening ended on a high note when we shot of some fireworks and pyrotechnichs from the stage where the dj played, so cool. Everyone still standing applauded and cheered.

All in all it was a great evening. So good, we all enjoyed it.

Thinking of hiring a wedding magician

I think that I will hire that magician as a wedding magician for my sisters wedding. I think that she would appreciate it alot. Afterall she loves magic, who doesn´t. Usually a magician at a wedding is a really big hit. It makes the guests feel comfortable and relax and have something to talk about that stands out. It is not always easy to find topics to converse about. 

That is the most difficult thing at weddings, when people don´t know what to talk about, then a magician is a perfect ice breaker for conversations. Then after the walk around magic he can perform a stage show. That is usually a smash hit and something people will talk about for a long time.

Just imagine it yourself, a magician that performs with magic, illusions and engages the audience. That is hard to beat, maybe even read their minds. That is something that really stands out and almost makes people believe in the supernatural or the occult.

That is what I call strong entertainment. A good magician or magicians in plural is also funny and engaging, and this guy is absolutely that.

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